Saturday, May 5, 2012

My 1st Autumn In NZ

I have moved to a new house at Kohemarama and busy settling myself down. The weather is getting colder and I realized that Autumn has arrived. Autumn arrived late in New Zealand this year and will be over soon. I decided to grab my camera to catch what Autumn has to offer.

Queen Street in Autumn

Warm sunlight has warmed up cold Autumn
Took a walk through Albert part heading to Domain, one of the major park in Auckland. Most of the leaves have turned into startling golds and warm reds as the temperature has settled. This is my first Autumn in my life that I have experienced, awesome! Can`t imaging I have living in New Zealand for almost a year!

A credit should be given to Auckland City Council for preserving greenery of Auckland., well done!

A Korean`s family enjoying Autumn`s scenery.

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