Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wing Caves

Inside The Cave

Entrance Of The Cave

Asked my close friend Vui Khiong last Sunday (18/5/08) morning, what are the interesting places in Bau(a small town in Kuching)? I have been told by him wing cave is a nice place to visit...It takes about an hour drive from Kuching city to the destination. Guess what? an entrance fee is RM3 per person and RM3 rental of a torch light only !! The whole "adventure"
take about 45 minutes as told by the front desk and it is a "self service" tour...:) It is really darkinside the cave and cooling....a bit scary at the beginning. Lots of "Batman" start making noise as we approach the dark cave..However it is safe to visit the cave as there are solid wooden bridge linked to each other from the entrance until the exit.
On our way for dinner, i have discovered a very interesting road sign as shown above" Jalan Orang Kaya....hahahahaha

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